Vacation Home Rental


A Vacation Home Rental (VHR) is a permitted short-term rental of any detached single-family dwelling or any portion of any detached single-family dwelling for occupancy, dwelling, lodging or sleeping purposes for a minimum of two consecutive nights, but no more than 30 consecutive calendar days in duration. "Short-term rental" is included in the definition of "hotel" for purposes of collecting transient occupancy tax pursuant to Chapter 3.24 of the Municipal Code. A Vacation Home Rental shall be considered a short-term rental for purposes of Chapter 19.41 of the Municipal Code.


The City Council recently approved the modification of the previous Vacation Home Rental ordinance. You can review a copy of the updated City of Twentynine Palms Development Code Chapter 19.41 Vacation Home Rental click HERE.


To apply for a Vacation Home Rental license(s) please click HERE.


For questions regarding the permitting process see the Frequently asked questions below. If you require further information, please call (760)367-6799 ext.1045.


NOTE - Please take note of the following requirements that may affect your Vacation Home Rental License(s):

  • It is illegal to operate, list, or advertise any property as a Vacation Home Rental or Short-Term Rental before a license and business license has been approved and issued by the City.
  • Please be sure to obtain building permits for all remodels or alterations to your property.
  • All Building Permits must be signed by the City Building Inspector prior to calling for a Vacation Home Rental Safety Inspection.
  • Failure to obtain permits for alterations or remodels will delay the approval of your Vacation Home Rental license.
  • Vacation Home Rental license(s) are Non-Transferable. If you sell the residence the license does not pass to new owner. The existing license would be terminated, and the New Owner is required to apply for a new Vacation Home Rental license.


In the event that you are experiencing problems from a property you suspect to be a Vacation Home Rental (VHR):

1. Please check to see if there is a VHR sign at the property and call the 24-Hour number displayed on the Vacation Home Rental Sign.
2. Call the Hotline if there is no sign or no response from number listed.

If you are not satisfied or want to file a complaint directly with City Code Enforcement, please call the Vacation Home Rental Complaint Hotline (760)362-6927.

For more information regarding filing a VHR complaint click HERE.