Serving residents, businesses, and visitors, the Community Development Department's role is to guide the orderly development of the Twentynine Palms, while preserving the City's character and unique environment. The Department provides professional support to the Planning Commission in the implementation of City Council policy as it applies to development and land use. 


Through interaction among the Planning Commission, citizens, and City Council members, the Department is responsible for promotion of the City's General Plan and its objectives. Experienced staff members are ready to provide assistance with every phase of application processing. From clear and concise submittal requirements to final inspections, Department staff provides a full range of services to ensure timely completion of your project. Staff is available for consultations when needed. For development information, application forms, or clarification on the City's land use policies, contact the Community Development Department at City Hall.


The Community Development Department consists of four divisions:

  • Planning
  • Code Enforcement
  • Engineering
  • Building and Safety


Contact the Community Development Department at:

City Hall

6136 Adobe Road,

Twentynine Palms, CA 92277


Tel: (760) 367-6799 ext. 1006/1007 or email HERE.

Fax: (760) 367-5400

San Bernardino County - Housing Plans for Review 2015


The County of San Bernardino's Community Development and Housing draft documents for 2015-2020 are now available for review at:

Drafts include:

Proposed 2015-2020 Consolidated Plan and 2015-2016 Annual Action Plan

Citizen Participation Plan, Program Years 2015-2020

Housing, Community, and Economic Development Needs Identification Report, Program Years 2015-2020

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice, Program Years 2015-2020