Vacation Home Rental Education Course (Owners and Agents are responsible to complete)

"The VHR Good Neighbor course is required to be completed for all new VHR applications. One owner and if you have an agent, they will be required to take the course. The course will be instructed online through a Zoom meeting with Susan Peplow. You may contact Susan Peplow for any questions you may have about the course through the link provided below or you may call (760) 362-6179 or (760) 367-6799 ext. 1045 for more information. 


One owner and one agent are required to take the VHR Good Neighbor course for all new applications. To complete the VHR Certificate Training Course you will need to schedule through the following link this course is to be completed online.  This is a one-time course, and the cost of the course is $65.00. Once you have completed the course, please upload your VHR Training Certificate to the portal on your VHR application."