Vacation Home Rental Frequently Asked Questions - Renewals

What do I have to do to renew my VHR license?

1. Make sure to start the renewal process prior to your expiration date.
2. All current VHR Owners and Agents must complete the required VHR Certificate Training Course prior to renewal.

You must submit the VHR Training Certificate showing that you have completed the required training. You may start the process of completing the required training course prior to your renewal to streamline your renewal process, just make sure to submit your Certificate via the online portal to your VHR License.  This training session will be completed online.  You can register for the training at the link below.  The fee for the training session is $65.


City of Twentynine Palms - Vacation Home Rental Certification Program


3. Prior to the issuance of your VHR renewal, if you have been a licensed VHR for three (3) years or more you will need to apply for the Renewal VHR Safety Inspection. You must have the Renewal Safety Inspection completed by the Building & Safety Department.
4. Update any necessary contact information - mailing address, phone number and emails.
5. Pay for all renewal fees online via the portal (this fee includes both your VHR and Business License). 


How often do I have to renew my VHR License?

You must renew your VHR License yearly. It is important that you keep track of your expiration date, the City will attempt to notify you in advanced, however if you do not receive a notice, it is important that you renew prior to your expiration date.


How long is my Vacation Home Rental Certification Program Certificate good for?

Your VHR Program Certification is good for Three (3) Years.


What happens if I do not renew on time or am unable to complete the requirements?

It is extremely important that you start the process of renewal prior to your expiration date and complete all requirements in a timely manner. Failure to do so may affect your renewal status and may be cause to lose your VHR License. If you have questions or are having issues with the renewal documents, please contact the City Planning Department as soon as possible (760)367-6799.