Vacation Home Rentals Frequently Asked Questions - Application Process

A Vacation Home Rental (VHR) shall be considered a short-term rental for purposes of Chapter 19.41 of the Municipal Code. It is recommended that all Vacation Home Rentals applicants review the complete Chapter 19.41 of the Municipal Code to ensure compliance with all applicable guidelines and City codes. Vacation Home Rentals permits are non-transferable. Each property must have their own Vacation Home Rental License and City Business License. 
Currently the Vacation Home Rental (VHR) application processing time is approximately ninety (90) days. Please do not contact the City regarding the status of your application unless it has been more than ninety (90) days and you have not been contacted by the City Representative. All Vacation Home Rental applications are done solely online. To ensure that your application is ready to process please include all required documents.


NOTE - Please take note of the following requirements of the Vacation Home Rental application process:

  • It is illegal to operate, list, or advertise any property as a Vacation Home Rental or Short-Term Rental before a permit and business license has been approved and issued by the City.
  • Please be sure to obtain building permits for all remodels or alterations to your property.
  • All Building Permits must be signed by the City Building Inspector prior to calling for a Vacation Home Rental Safety Inspection.
  • Failure to obtain permits for alterations or remodels will delay the approval of your Vacation Home Rental permit.
The application process must be completed in the following order and include the application for Vacation Home Rental, a City Business License and a Safety Inspection. Failure to complete the application process in the correct order may cause additional processing time. 

The documents required for your application are:

1. Driver Licenses or State Issued Identification for all owners,
2. Septic Certification (dated within 1 year),
3. Dimensioned Floor Plan with all rooms labeled,
4. If the property is held in Trust, we need trust documents showing the Trustors,
5. If the property is held in an LLC, we require Articles of Organization and pages showing who the officers are,
6. If there is an Agent acting on their behalf, we require a notarized letter of authorization.
* Please upload all required documents onto the Vacation Home Rental application not to any other areas such as Safety Inspection.
All applicants will be contacted regarding their applications by the City Representative once the application is reviewed and processed. All deficiencies will be noted and must be addressed as soon as possible. If additional information or submittals are required and the application is not made complete within 60 days of the completeness determination letter/email, the application may be deemed by the City to have been withdrawn, and no action will be taken on the application (Municipal Code Chapter 19.28.070 C).