Film Permit Regulations

Minor Permit:

Professional camera equipment, filming outside, blocking/closing roads, filming for less than 7 days (only 10 days to process), not doing any stunts, and a crew more than 5 (depends on the detail of filming)


Major Permit:

Professional camera equipment, blocking/closing roads, filming in the public right-of-way, doing stunts and having pyro, crew more than 10, filming for more than 7 days (30 days to process)


Applicants with a major permit should start their permitting process 30 days in advance to filming. It will be required to notify the surrounding agencies and it will allow the City enough time to do so and if they have any corrections to be made. 


If the applicant is planning on blocking/closing streets they will need an Encroachment Permit, if they are doing pyro or stunts, they may need to reach out to San Bernardino County Fire Department before processing the permit. 


Submittal Requirements:


- A dimensioned site plan of the proposed location identifying locations of filming, cast, crew, vehicles and equipment

- Encroachment permit is required if activity is planed on City streets and/or closure of any road

- Copy of Certificate of General Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance Certificate, General Automobile Insurance Certificate, if applicable not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and an endorsement to the insurance (CG 20 12) listing the City of Twentynine Palms, its officers, officials, employees and agents as additional insured. Aircraft liability in the amount of $10,000,000 when applicable. Additional coverage may be required based upon the scope of the event. 


CLICK HERE TO PROCEED TO THE APPLICATION   ***Film Permits are submitted to the PLANNING Department***


For questions regarding Film Permits and/or city regulations please contact Katrina Bennett at (760)367-6799 ext. 1045 or by email