Tree Removal and Replacement Plan at Luckie Park

The City of Twentynine Palms Parks & Recreation Department is dedicated to the safety and enjoyment of our community members at Luckie Park. As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining a safe environment for park visitors, we will be removing certain trees over the next few weeks due to safety concerns.

The decision to remove these trees was made following thorough evaluations by certified arborists and in consideration of the potential risks they pose to public safety. While we understand the sentimental value attached to these trees, the safety of our community remains our top priority.

However, we are pleased to announce that this removal process will be followed by a comprehensive tree replacement initiative. New trees will be carefully selected based on their resilience and suitability to thrive in our local climate. This thoughtful selection process ensures that Luckie Park will continue to flourish with greenery while prioritizing the safety of our visitors.

We encourage the community to join us in this endeavor as we work together to maintain and enhance the beauty and safety of Luckie Park. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated during this transition period.