City Council at Luckie Park Pool Groundbreaking
City Council at Luckie Park Pool Groundbreaking

Luckie Park Pool Project Groundbreaking

On August 8, 2022, the City of Twentynine Palms held a groundbreaking event for Luckie Park Pool’s Rehabilitation Project. Originally built in the 1950s, the pool last saw a major upgrade 16 years ago, undergoing smaller facelifts since then. The pool currently lacks efficient technology, making it difficult to operate along with regulatory mandates. As a result, the City will be demolishing the current pool and rebuilding from the ground up.
“The Luckie Park Pool is a valuable community resource, which necessitates that we invest in its longevity,” says City Manager Frank Luckino. “This project will ensure that the pool remains open and operational for generations to come. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we make these much-needed improvements.” 
The original Luckie Park Pool was larger than the current pool, which was installed inside the original to stop a leak. In 2006, the City renovated the restrooms with new toilets and tile, installed a new roof and deck, resurfaced the pool, upgraded electrical panels and replaced the main drain cover. Since then, the pool underwent construction for ADA compliance, filtration, and a leak in 2020. The pool has yet to receive a complete remodel. 
The Luckie Park Pool Rehabilitation project facility upgrades will include a remodeling of public bathrooms, including new ADA accessible restrooms, and the chemical building. With this rehabilitation, the City will be in compliance with County Public Health current standards. Other work on the pool includes filtration system and technology upgrades, such as new piping, a pool heater and gutter system.
The City received additional funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), which allowed this project to evolve from a rehabilitation to a rebuild. Bids for this project opened on June 2, 2022 with a projected cost of $6.2 million. Hyperinflation, heightened fuel costs, supply chain issues, and market saturation are a few of the factors that affect project costs. For reference, May ‘22 had an annual inflation rate of 15.3% in Building Costs. The construction for this project officially began with the August 8, 2022 groundbreaking. The tentative completion date for this project is slated for April ‘23, which is subject to change with potential considerations for supply-chain complications. 
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