29 Palms Visitor Center Exhibitions

Art in Public Places exhibitions feature works by desert artists portraying the iconic images of our Mojave Desert, Joshua Tree National Park, and the Twentynine Palms area in oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, pastels, drawings, collages, photography, mixed media, fabric art, assemblages, gourd art, metal sculptures, ceramics and other 2- and 3-dimensional works.
Exhibitions are presented by the Public Arts Advisory Committee (PAAC), City of Twentynine Palms, at Twentynine Palms Visitor Center & Art Gallery, 73484 29 Palms Hwy. (at Desert Queen Ave.), downtown Twentynine Palms, CA 92277. 
Open Daily 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is free.
CURRENT ART EXHIBITION @ Twentynine Palms Visitor Center & Gallery: 
"Desert Contradictions" is on display from January through April 17, 2023.
October through December 2022 "Desert Journeys"
June through September 2022 "Sand in My Shoe: Summer in the Mojave"
January through May 2022 "Apricity: The Warmth of Sun in Winter"
October through December 2021 "Clouds Rolling In"
July through September 2021 "Trails"
April through June 2021 "Morongo's Beauty"
January through March 2020 "Cold Days, Warm Hearts"
October 2019 through January 2020 "No Place Like Home"
July through September 2019 "Oh, Those Summer Nights"
April through June 2019 "Birds, Buds, & Bees"
January through March 2019 "Listening to the Desert: Military Musings"
October 2018 through January 2019 "Into the Wild...Fortune Favors the Bold"
July through September 2018 "Rock On!... Through, Up, Over"
April through June 2018 "Bloomin' Desert"
January through March 2018 "Ingenuity / Idiosyncrasy"
October 2017 through January 2018 "On the Frontier: Original Recycler"
July through September 2017 "Summer Nights"
April through June 2017 "Spring: Renewal"
January through March 2017 "Winter Blues: Desert Moods and Shades"
October through December 2016 "Tough as Nails: Women Pioneers"
July through September 2016 "Desert Oasis: Wisdom in the Water"
April through June 2016 "Desert Hues: Colors in the Desert"
January through March 2016 "A Walk in the Park: Celebrating 80 Years of Joshua Tree National Monument/Park and 100 Years of the National Park Service"
October through December 2015 "In the Wilderness: Celebrating the California Wilderness"
July through September 2015 "Shade and Shadows"
April through June 2015 "Color Explosion"
January through March 2015 "Winter Skies"
October through December 2015 "Gold, Iron, Steel: A Metallic History of the Morongo Basin"
July through September 2015 "Water in the Desert"
April through June 2014 "The Desert Rocks!"
January through March 2014 "Dust, Rust, & Verdigris: Weathered Relics of the Desert"
October through December 2013 "Recollections: Morongo Basin in the 20th Century"
April through June 2014 "The Desert Rocks!"
January through March 2014 "Dust, Rust, & Verdigris: Weathered Relics of the Desert"
October through December 2013 "Recollections: Morongo Basin in the 20th Century"
July through September 2013 "It's Gonna Be a Scorcher!: Impressions of Summer Heat"
April through June 2013 "Desert Critters"
January through March 2013 "Palms"
November through December 2012 "Military Memories"
September through October 2012 "Sunrise/Sunset"
June through August 2012 "Desert Nights"
March through May 2012 "Desert Wildflowers: Kaleidoscope of Color"
January through February 2012 "Desert Storms"
November through December 2011 "Desert Ingenuity: Keys Ranch"
September through October 2011 "Pioneering Spirit"
June through August 2011 Steve Flock Photography
April through June 2011 Joshua Tree National Park 75th Anniversary
March through April 2011 Kelly O'Sullivan Desert Nature Photography
January through February 2011 Zander Hardin Photography and Lyn Sells Paintings
November through December 2010 Diana Shay Diehl Photography and David Greene Paintings
September through October 2010 Jim Smart Desert Photography
July through August 2010 Rocky Arnold Abstracts and Patricia Quandel Photography
May through June 2010 Drew Reese Desert Photography
March through April 2010 Pat Flynn's "Desert Florals" Watercolors
January through February 2010 Ray Yeager and Jim Smart Photographic Art
November through December 2009 Marilyn Fernald and Chris Walters Desert Paintings
September through October 2009 Chuck Caplinger Oils and Wally Pacholka Night Sky Photography
July through August 2009 Bruce Miller Photography
May through June 2009 Jennifer Ruggiero B/W Photography
March through April 2009 Kevin Wong Photography
January through February 2009 Deane Locke Watercolors
November through December 2008 Barbara Matheney Paintings