Economic Development Department


The City of Twentynine Palms, located in the southern Mojave Desert, is the home of the North Entrance and Headquarters of Joshua Tree National Park and the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC).  In terms of impact, Joshua Tree National Park attracts more than 2.4 million visitors a year to its nearly 800,000-acre park, while the MCAGCC is the world’s largest Marine Corps training base and routinely brings military personnel from around the world to train at its vast installation covering 1,100 square miles.

Known for its desert and mountain vistas, clear skies, brilliant star-filled nights, world-class murals and public art, Twentynine Palms is an oasis for a diverse mix of outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, artists, and retirees. The City also represents a restful getaway for visitors, a scenic location for photography and filming, and a friendly community for families, singles, retirees, and snowbirds. 

To address growth in the community from new residents and tourists, many new hotels and businesses have recently opened. Several current market and leakage studies reveal a need for more retail and restaurant development.  It is clear why the City of Twentynine Palms is an ideal location for any industry because of its unmet consumer demands, available employees, and affordable housing supply. The City works closely with county, state and federal agencies that provide loan programs and tax credits to job-creating businesses.

The City’s team would be eager to analyze a business plan and determine if there is a potential public/private partnership opportunity. To learn more, please call (760) 367-6799 ext 1008 and speak with Community Development Department.



The City of Twentynine Palms has a plan for economic stimulation within our downtown area, which we refer to as Project Phoenix.  The project focuses on public buildings, pedestrian paseos, public parking, and other infrastructure.   We hope to attract some of the 3 million tourists visiting our south bordering neighbor, the Joshua Tree National Park, as well as serve military personnel and their dependents from our north bordering neighbor, the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, local residents, contractors and developers.  The City has hired Alavrez and Marsal Public Sector Services for their expertise to help with the future development of this project and its infrastructure, but we also recognize the need for private development to fully realize the project's potential. 

The Project Phoenix area is south of Hwy 62, between Cholla Avenue and Tamarisk Avenue, 3 full blocks.  The entire impact area is north and south of Hwy 62 from Adobe Road to Bullion Avenue, 9 full blocks.  Parcels in this geographic area are from .25 acre to 3 acres; acquiring and assembling parcels may be required.  The City plans to fund this project with Redevelopment Bonds ($10M) and other public and private resources. 

Proposed private uses are restaurants, retail, entertainment, and other uses that would complement the public buildings and serve the needs of tourists, military personnel, and locals that in turn would help create a more energetic inviting downtown area.