Code Enforcement Department

Residents may file complaints with the City code enforcement department in regard to any of the issues mentioned below. When reporting a City of Twentynine Palms code violation, please have a street number and street name, plus the name of a cross street to report to our department.  This ensures the Code Enforcement Officer can respond to the correct location of the violation and a more expedient resolve to the problem. All citizens' reports are confidential and maintained as anonymous.
The Code Enforcement Officer must be able to see the violation legally.  Even though we are Code Compliance Officers, we need to respect everyone's civil rights and therefore respect the law and not trespass on private property.  Please be aware that the violation must be in view and witnessed by the Code Enforcement Officer.  The Officer cannot investigate hidden problems without due process of law.

  • Property Maintenance – messy yard, trash, weeds, overgrown lawns, debris, etc.
  • Lighting Issues in violation of the current City Lighting Standard (Municipal Code Chapter 19.78).
  • Cars parked - Unlicensed/unregistered, broken down or non-operable stored in front yards.
  • Illegal home business.
  • Furniture at curbside – call Burrtec Waste and Recycling (760)365-2015.
  • Vacant lots - illegal dumping, trash, weed overgrowth, mattresses, etc. (If witnessing the illegal dumping please try to obtain a license plate number.)
  • Abandoned Vehicles on your property.
  • Illegal Camping - tents, RV or Motorhomes (City code does not allow for living in any of the listed without an active permit). 


The State of California holds the property owner responsible for the condition of the property whether it is occupied by the property owner, tenants or unoccupied.  If you own the property, you are responsible for the maintenance of the property.
The City of Twentynine Palms does not enter into civil disputes between neighbors or tenants and landlords or property managers.  One must refer to legal assistance in such matters. For Landlord tenant dispute information, you may go online to: or you can call them at (909) 888-3763.
We are here to serve the community, encourage volunteer property maintenance wherever possible, and ensure public health and safety. The City of Twentynine Palms appreciates your commitment to our community and for taking the time to report a code violation. The Code Enforcement process follows all codes accordingly (Federal, State, SB County and City) and due process (for a quick overview of the process click HERE).


To file your complaint online please click HERE.


For questions regarding Code Enforcement and/or city regulations you may contact this department at (760)367-6799 ext. 1010 or by email HERE.