Adopt A City Street

The Adopt A City Street program is a fun, educational program that will provide citizens, families, or organizations prominent recognition while saving taxpayer dollars. This program is a great way to promote civic responsibility, community pride, and camaraderie with your friends and family or within your organization. This program will benefit the city by providing cleaner and more beautiful roadsides and help prevent potential pollutants.
There are several adoption opportunities available:
  • Remove litter on roadsides (frequency varies with location).
  • Plant and establish trees and/or shrubs according to an approved plan.
Adopt A City Street permits are valid for one year. You may reapply for additional one-year permits, provided that you have satisfactorily met the terms of the existing permit and the site remains suitable for adoption. You cannot transfer your permit to another citizen or organization.
Once you have decided to Adopt A City Street, you must:
  • Decide on the general location
  • Discuss the location and the project with the Adopt A City Street Coordinator
  • Submit a completed Adopt A City Street permit application to the Coordinator
The Adopt A City Street Permit is issued once your application has been processed and approved.
For more information regarding Adopt A City Street, contact the City Clerk at (760) 367-6799 or via email.